Movie Discussion: Mario Bava’s Twitch of the Death Nerve [Ecologia del delitto] (1971)

Monthly Theme: Video Nasties The Film: Twitch of the Death Nerve Alternative titles: A Bay of Blood, Blood Bath Italian title: Ecologia del delitto Alternative Italian title: Reazione a catena Country of origin: Italy Date of Italian release: September 8, 1971 Date of U.S. release: May 3, 1972 Studio: Nuova Linea Cinematografica Distributer: Hallmark Releasing […]

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Movie Discussion: Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979)

Monthly Theme: Genre Classics The Film: Alien Alternate title: n/a Country of origin: U.S.A. Date of U.S. release: June 22, 1979 Studio: Brandywine Productions & Twentieth Century-Fox Productions Distributer: Twentieth Century-Fox Domestic Gross: $78.9 million Budget: $11 million (estimated) Director: Ridley Scott Producers:  Ronald Shusett, Gordon Carroll, David Giler & Walter Hill Screenwriters: Dan O’Bannon (Story […]

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Movie Discussion: Dario Argento’s Deep Red [Profondo rosso] (1975)

Monthly Theme: Giallo The Film: Deep Red Country of origin: Italy Italian title: Profondo Rosso Alternate title: The Hatchet Murders (censored version) Date of Italian release: March 7, 1975 Date of U.S. release: June 11, 1976 Studio: Rizzoli Film & Seda Spettacoli Distributer: Howard Mahler Films (dubbed) Domestic Gross: $629,000 Budget ? Director: Dario Argento Producers: Claudio & Salvatore Argento Screenwriters: Dario Argento & Bernardino […]

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