Movie Discussion: Adrian Lyne’s Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

Monthly Theme: Best of the 1990s The Film: Jacob’s Ladder Country of origin: U.S.A. Date of U.S. release: November 2, 1990 Studio: Carolco Pictures Distributer: TriStar Pictures Domestic Gross: $26 million Budget: $25 million (estimated) Director: Adrian Lyne Producers: Mario Kassar, et al. Screenwriter: Bruce Joel Rubin Adaptation? No. Cinematographer: Jeffrey L. Kimball Make-Up/FX: Conrad […]

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Movie Discussion: Roman Polanski’s Repulsion (1965)

Monthly Theme: 1960s Mindfuck The Film: Repulsion Country of origin: U.K. Date of U.K. release: June 1965 Date of U.S. release: October 3, 1965 Studio: Compton Films Distributer: Royal Films International Domestic Gross: ? Budget: $300,000 (estimated) Director: Roman Polanski Producers: Gene Gutowski, et al. Screenwriters: Roman Polanski & Gerard Brach Adaptation? No. Cinematographer: Gilbert Taylor […]

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