Movie Discussion: Paul Verhoeven’s The Fourth Man [Die vierde man] (1983)

Monthly Theme: Perverted Killers The Film: The Fourth Man Country of origin: The Netherlands Dutch title: De vierde man Date of Netherlands release: March 24, 1983 Date of U.S. release: June 27, 1984 Studio: Rob Houwer Productions, et al. Distributer: International Spectrafilm Domestic Gross: ? Budget: ? Director: Paul Verhoeven Producer: Rob Houwer Screenwriter: Gerard Soeteman Adaptation? Yes. Based on Gerard Reve’s 1981 novel De vierde man. Cinematographer: Jan […]

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Movie Discussion: Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill (1980)

Monthly Theme: Perverted Killers The Film: Dressed to Kill Country of origin: U.S.A. Date of U.S. Release: July 25, 1980 Studio: Filmways Pictures & Cinema 77 Films Distributer: Filmways Pictures Domestic Gross: $32 million Budget $6.5 million Director: Brian De Palma Producers: Samuel Z. Arkoff, et al. Screenwriter: Brian De Palma Adaptation? No. Cinematographer: Ralf Bode Make-Up/FX: Robert Laden, et al. Music: Pino Donaggio Part of a series? […]

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Movie Discussion: Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy [Oldeuboi] (2003)

Monthly Theme: Ultraviolence The Film: Oldboy Country of origin: South Korea South Korean title: Oldeuboi Date of South Korean release: November 21, 2003 Date of U.S. release: March 25, 2005 Studio: Egg Films & Show East Distributer: Tartan Domestic Gross: $707,000 Budget: $3 million (estimated) Director: Park Chan-wook Producers: Kim Dong-joo, et al. Screenwriters: Hwang […]

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Movie Discussion: Srdjan Spasojevic’s A Serbian Film [Srpski Film] (2010)

Monthly Theme: Ultraviolence The Film: A Serbian Film Country of origin: Serbia Serbian title: Srpski film Date of Serbian release: June 16, 2010 Date of U.S. release: May 13, 2011 Studio: Contra Film Distributer: Invincible Pictures Domestic Gross: ? Budget: ? Director: Srdjan Spasojevic Producers: Nikola Pantelic, et al. Screenwriters: Aleksander Radivojevic & Srdjan Spasojevic […]

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Movie Discussion: Kaneto Shindô’s Onibaba (1964)

Monthly Theme: 1960s Mindfuck The Film: Onibaba Country of origin: Japan Date of Japanese release: November 21, 1964 Date of U.S. release: February 4, 1965 Studio: Kindai Eiga Kyokai & Tokyo Eiga Co Ltd. Distributer: Toho Company Domestic Gross: ? Budget: ? Director: Kaneto Shindô Producers: Hisao Itoya, et al. Screenwriter: Kaneto Shindô Adaptation? No. Cinematographer: […]

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Movie Discussion: David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers (1988)

Monthly Theme: Erotic Thrillers The Film: Dead Ringers Alternate titles: n/a Country of origin: Canada Date of Canadian release: September 8, 1988 Date of U.S. release: September 23, 1988 Studios: Morgan Creek Productions & Téléfilm Canada Distributer: Twentieth Century Fox Domestic Gross: $8 million Budget: $13 million Director: David Cronenberg Producers: Carol Baum & Sylvio […]

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